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He novel of mice and men by John Steinbeck has many themes but to me the book revolves around dreams. Throughout the book this theme is expressed from the characters, setting, and plot.



The main character’s in this story are George and Lennie , they have been traveling through the wilderness looking for employment.  Both of them dream of working hard enough to one day own their own farm. George is responsible and throughout the book is in charge of watching Lennie who suffers from a disability. George wants to get a job and stay out of trouble and save enough money to start his own farm someday. Lennie who is much less responsible has the dream of one day taking care of rabbits on a farm. Throughout the novel he experiences trouble and tribulation but try’s his best to stay away from it because He really wants to stay out of trouble so he can tend the rabbits. Lennie is the reason that the men are unemployed because of an incident that happened at their previous employer. Lennie had been fascinated by a ladies dress and went to touch it causing lots of trouble leading to them being fired. When they go to the farm to meet the owner George makes Lennie promise that he won’t get them in trouble and if he does that he must run away and hide in a bush. “I aint gonna saya word”(p16) Lennie complies and the men get hired to the farm and begin working to save up for their  dream.

This novel takes place in rural California in the wilderness. Throughout the book the author describes the beautiful landscape describing flowing rivers, mountains, leaves, hills and wildlife. The Author depicts the setting as a mystical unexplored frontier. As they travel to the farm the author describes the wilderness


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